Line Ticketing for Major Events and Autograph Signings at MTAC

Two years ago, MTAC implemented a new ticketing process for major events and autograph sessions. The purpose of the ticketing process is to: A) help prevent line jumping, and B) know roughly when we have reached capacity for an event or autograph session, so congoers do not have to wait in a line only to find out they won’t get in. This year we are formalizing the process.

Please read through these rules about how the ticketing process will work.

Ticketing for Main Events: Risque Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Contest, and Electronic Dance Party

  • Congoers may begin to line up outside of the Main Events room no more than one hour before the event is scheduled to begin.
  • MTAC staff and volunteers will break up any line that attempts to form more than one hour early.
  • The main room line forms to the left side of the Hermitage C doors in the Sheraton, and goes down the back hall, past the video rooms and Two Rivers panel room.
  • Once the line has formed, MTAC staff or volunteers will hand out a slip of paper to people standing in line. This paper indicates you were in line early on. This will prevent other people from walking up to the line and joining it just before the event begins seating.
  • This slip does not hold your place in line, nor does it guarantee your entry to the event. It is only to help mitigate line-jumping issues.
  • Only people in line at the time the slips are handed out will receive one.
  • Slips will be collected when entering the event. If there is still space in the event after all slips have been collected, then we will fill the event to capacity with anyone else still waiting in line.
  • If the event is full (or still has a waiting line) and you need leave for any reason, you may not be able to re-enter. Please take your things with you, just in case. (NOTE: The MTAC Risque Cosplay Contest has a permanent “no re-entry” policy.)

Ticketing for Autograph Sessions

  • MTAC staff will officially open an autograph line 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Remain in the lobby until MTAC staff officially opens the line, or you will be asked to move there.
  • Staff will hand out a session’s tickets as congoers enter the front of the line until all tickets are claimed.
  • You must have a session ticket to gain entry to the session. However…
  • If time remains after all ticket holders have gone through the line, the session will finish up without tickets, so stick around.
  • A session ticket does not guarantee entry. The number of tickets per session is only an estimate. Sessions will end as scheduled.
  • Tickets will be grouped. Only group A will line up initially.
  • Additional groups will come back after the session has started and once the line has gone down some. (Congoers are encouraged to hang out in our Digital and Analog gaming rooms while waiting for their group to line up, or to see if there will be any time remaining at the end.)
  • Guests will sign one appropriate personal item for free. Some guests may require this to be MTAC branded items including badge. Additional merchandise may be purchased.
  • Be courteous and considerate of others’ time. We want as many people as possible to meet our guests, so keep chats with guests very short.
  • Lifetime members do not receive a plus one into autograph sessions.