Our Charity Partner - Working Dogs for Vets

We are honored to support our military veterans this year by partnering with a charity that helps local vets in need, as well as rescues countless dogs from shelters. This year, MTAC is excited to welcome our 18th Battalion charity partner: Working Dogs for Vets!

Based out of Lawrenceburg, TN, Working Dogs for Vets is a charity organization dedicated to partnering military veterans with support dogs to benefit both the human and their new canine companion. But the job doesn’t stop there. Working Dogs for Vets provides ongoing support and training for all of their veterans, and they work tirelessly to rescue and train potential support dogs from local shelters.

Working Dogs for Vets has been a godsend to soldiers suffering from a variety of medical conditions, from PTSD and anxiety to diabetes and more. The program has also saved many dogs from facing needless euthanasia. The program has been far more successful than its founders could have imaged, and is quickly expanding throughout the United States.

But they need our help. Caring and training for these amazing support dogs can be expensive, not to mention the cost of maintaining their agility course and kennels. All of the money raised at MTAC will go toward the program, and you will also have the chance to meet and sponsor some of their dogs!

Please visit the Working Dogs for Vets table at the Embassy Suites during MTAC to donate. They will have lots of fun contests and raffles, and they will also be able to accept supply donations. You can either visit their Amazon wishlist, located here: Working Dogs for Vets Wishlist or donate any of the following items:

  • dog food, unopened (any variety)
  • dog treats, unopened (any variety)
  • dog toys, any variety
  • dog leashes or collars
  • cleaning supplies
  • office supplies
  • flash drives
  • gift cards of any kind (will be used for supplies or donated to a vet in need)

In the meantime, please visit their Facebook page and let them know you’re excited to see them and their doggos.

Thank you for working with us to support our military veterans and their furry friends.

Website link: http://www.workingdogsforvets.org/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WorkingDogsForVets/