What is the Tattoo Contest?

The MTAC Tattoo Contest is an event where congoers get to show off the artistry they have inked on their skin. If you have tattoo art of Asian-cultural fandoms–anime, gaming, manga, and more–or MTAC’s annual theme, we want to give you a chance to show it off!

Due to a limited block of time at the event, finalists for each category will be preselected from the entries received before the convention. The best entries for each category will be contacted to appear in the contest, which will be on the Saturday afternoon of MTAC.

Thank you to our sponsor and judging partners, One-Drop Ink!

Contest Rules

  • Entries must be received by March 31, 2019.
  • Submit your entry using the form below.
  • For most categories, the submitted tattoo must be inspired by an anime, manga/manhwa/manhua, Asian-based game, other Asian-based fandom, or a Western animation made in an anime style (RWBY, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Voltron: Legendary Defender, etc.).
  • For the Best Theme category, the submitted tattoo must include this year’s MTAC theme element. (See the application form.)
  • You may submit up to one tattoo per category.
  • If you submit a single tattoo for more than one category, it can only win one category.
  • This is a PG-13 contest. We will not accept explicit artwork, including hentai or its various subgenres. MTAC Staff has final say on what artwork is or is not acceptable.
  • Some tattoos are located in discreet places on the body: Pelvis, buttocks, and female breasts are some examples of areas we cannot show on stage. If your tattoo is in such an area, you may submit a discreet (meaning safe-for-work) photo of it. We will let you know if we accept the tattoo into the contest. (If accepted, the photo will be shown on stage. However, you may be asked to show your tattoo to the judges only to prove it is on your body.)
  • If we run this contest again in future years, prior MTAC-winning tattoos will not be eligible for resubmission.
  • MTAC Staff may exhibit their tattoos if they wish, but they cannot win prizes.


  • The finalists within a category will be brought onto the stage. One by one, finalists will show off and explain their tattoo.
  • The judges will rate the tattoos based on how well they fit the category and the appeal of the artwork (content, color and shading, etc.)
  • Each judge will give a rating of 1-10 for each tattoo, and then we tally the total score for the tattoo.
  • A tie for the best tattoo within a category will be decided by audience applause.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning tattoo for each category. You must attend the contest in person to win.

Any photo entry that does not follow these Tattoo Contest rules will be disqualified from the contest. All submissions are subject to the MTAC Programming Department’s review and approval. MTAC’s Programming Department, MTAC’s Administrative Staff, and the SEPOP Board of Directors reserve the right to prohibit from convention viewing any photo submission entered into the contest for any reason. By submitting your photo entry for review, you agree that all decisions made by the Tattoo Contest Coordinator, the MTAC Administration, the SEPOP Board of Directors, and the Tattoo Contest judges about your photo are final.

All submissions become the property of the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention and/or its assigns, and will not be returned to the submitter. All submissions received may be used for convention display and promotional purposes. All photos entered will be considered to be cleared for this purpose.

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