Alejandro SaabAlejandro Saab is a professional Voice Actor, is also known as KaggyFilms on Youtube!

He’s lent his voice to projects such as Genshin Impact as Cyno, Dragon Ball Legends as ShallotHorimiya as Izumi MiyamuraFire Emblem Three Houses as Yuri LeclercPokemon Journeys as LeonThe Rising of the Shield Hero as L’Arc BergFood Wars as Terunori KugaDemon Slayer as KaigakuThe Irregular at Magic High School as Tatusya ShibaNanbaka as Uno, My Hero Academia as Naomasa Tsukauchi and many others!

You can follow Alejandro on Twitter @KaggyFilms, Instagram @KaggyFilms, or check out his YouTube channel KaggyFilms.