MTAC invites you to the Lolita and J-fashion Tea Party, where guests will be able to enjoy sweets, tea, and conversation with old and new friends. Photographers will be available to catch you in your best, and there will be door prizes and “best dressed” competitions for Lolita and other J-fashion styles.

This event is $20 at the door of the Tea Party, and is subject to a dress code that is semi-formal (no jeans, no mainstream or contemporary streetwear of any other culture besides Japanese). No cosplays or large props, “maid” outfits, or Kigurumis will be allowed. All Lolita coordinates must be complete and formal—no casual/soft or ero Lolita or “Alice” cosplays. Some styles that are underground street fashion may not be allowed because of their casual or inappropriate nature. Due to the high demand, dress code will be strictly enforced, so please, if you have any questions about your outfit, email photos of your completed outfit and a description of the style you wish to portray and any other questions you may have to

Thank you, and we hope to see you at the MTAC Lolita and J-Fashion Tea Party.