What is Otaku Speed Dating?

In our Speed Dating events, 50 people sit across a table from each other and talk for a couple of minutes before it’s time to switch to the next person down the line.

This year, we have two different Speed Dating panels, one for our CisHet (cisgendered and heterosexual) otaku and another for our LGBTQ+ otaku. Make sure you fill in the application that is right for you.

Like last year, we will have some seats around the edge of the room for friends of accepted speed daters to be supportive. Those seats will not be part of the reserves (those waiting in case a spot opens) and will not take part in the dating activity.

What to Expect

The LGBTQ+ panel will be Friday night, probably starting around 10pm (so before Risque Cosplay, if you’re worried about that), and the CisHet panel will be roughly the same time on Saturday night. Both will be held in Belle Meade/Panel E, the same room as last year. (The layout may be different.)

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until seats at the tables and a few additional reserve spots (in case seats open last minute) are filled. Once we have enough entries to fill these spaces, we will close the signup for that panel. We will not take applicants on the night of the panel.

After you apply, one of our panel hosts will email you with details if you are accepted, or they will send you a brief apology if no more seats or reserve spots are available. Expect these emails around the beginning of April, though it may happen sooner depending on the interest and when signups close.

Before Applying

You must be 18 years of age or older as of April 19, 2019. You will need a valid photo ID and your convention badge to enter the room.

Only sign up if you’re absolutely certain you want to attend the panel. Please do not sign up to lock in a seat “in case you want to go.” This is not only rude to your fellow congoers who will make the guaranteed effort to attend, but it makes the hosts’ jobs harder to find the right balance of applicants vs. reserves and get things moving quickly.

We will not tolerate harassment or threats to anyone’s safety. You will be immediately ejected from the panel by our security team.