Learn about Otaku Speed Dating

The MTAC Otaku Speed Dating Submissions will open soon! Thank you for your interest. Check out our rules below to prep for the upcoming event.

In our Speed Dating events, 50 people sit across a table from each other and talk for a couple of minutes before it’s time to switch to the next person down the line.

We have two different Speed Dating panels, one for our CisHet (cisgendered and heterosexual) otaku and another for our LGBTQ+ otaku. Make sure you fill in the application that is right for you.

We will have some seats around the edge of the room for friends of accepted speed daters to be supportive. Those seats will not be part of the reserves (those waiting in case a spot opens) and will not take part in the dating activity.

Submissions are due by TBD.


  • Our goal for this event is for everyone to have a fun, social experience with our first priority being personal safety. We will have members of the panel wandering the room for any questions or concerns any panel attendees may have.
  • Events like this are a great opportunity to learn something new, meet people you may not normally cross paths with, and built an appreciation for diversity at our awesome con. This panel will have people attending with a wide, rich variety of identities and preferences. Respect is required and should be expected by every attendee. Keep all language and conversation civil and polite – we all have different limits on humor and conversation topics.
  • Any attendee exhibiting drunkenness will not be permitted to participate and will be asked to leave the room.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. As a reminder, one of the panel hosts is also a member of MTAC access control. Serious issues may mean not only being kicked from the panel but may also put your con badge at risk.
  • We won’t list every possible offense – use the Golden Rule as a standard for behavior. Panel hosts and security will determine what constitutes actionable offenses. Minor issues will receive only one warning. Serious issues/repeat offenses of any kind will face immediate expulsion from the panel and Access Control/LE will be informed if necessary.

Helpful Tips

  • Relax! We made this panel for you to have fun. A little nervousness is natural, but don’t let it keep you from having a good time.
  • Time is short. You will have TWO minutes to impress your partner before we signal the switch. Start strong and keep the conversation moving.
  • Humor is a perfect icebreaker. Stay appropriate and light – be memorable.
  • Avoid heavy subjects like politics, religion, etc. Save those conversations for a later time. Same goes for talking about exes!
  • Don’t talk about yourself too much.  Spend your time asking your partner questions to see if you’re compatible as friends or more.
  • Come with an open mind. While this is a speed dating event, you could leave here with new friends too. Be clear and honest about what you’re here for, but don’t shut down someone who could become a great friend.