Submit a Panel for MTAC!

Thank you for your interest in running a volunteer fan panel at MTAC!

Please submit the following brief form to tell us about the event you wish to run. We will follow up with the contact listed below sometime in mid-to-late January.

  • This form is meant only for volunteer programming panelists. Our Talent Relations team handles all VIP and paid guests.
  • The ability to have food/drink during cooking or cultural panels is unlikely due to venue food regulations. Please have a backup plan in case it is not possible during the convention, but certainly, ask for what you would like and we will check. (Please no Maid Cafe submissions at this time.)
  • If you plan to submit a scripted panel or event (i.e. a murder mystery or re-enactment), be prepared to submit your script to our programming staff for review. None will be accepted without a script to review.
  • If you wish to apply as a local musical artist, we will have a separate band application later this year linked on our website and through social media. Please keep an eye out for it.

Thank you, and happy submitting!

Panel applications will close on December 31.

MTAC - Panelist