Learn about props at MTAC

MTAC encourages creative and constructive prop making. We’re fans of the fantastic costuming culture that thrives here. Our prop policy aims to encourage creativity, ingenuity, and responsible cosplaying while providing limits to help ensure the safety of all that attend MTAC. If you plan to bring a prop to MTAC (or buy a prop at MTAC), whether it is real, a toy, or replicated, make sure you understand these rules clearly. If an item is determined to be unsafe for any reason, we will ask you to remove it from the convention space. We hope that you will join with us in continuing to provide safe and encouraging environments by following the below policy.

Projectiles & Firearms

  • Projectile weapons are not allowed in convention space. This includes if such weapons are decommissioned, disabled, or otherwise rendered inoperable. Projectile weapons include but are not limited to: all firearms, slingshots, bows, and crossbows. Unstringing a bow or crossbow, or removing batteries or CO2 canisters from airsoft guns, will not excuse such items from this rule.
  • The ONLY exceptions to this rule are: soft foam dart guns and water guns that have been rendered completely nonfunctional. They must not be capable of firing and may not contain any projectiles or liquid. They may also not be capable of being rendered functional after inspection. If our prop check team finds that your item does not fit this exception, it will not be allowed into the convention space.

Metal Objects & Blades

  • Edged or pointed weapons – including but not limited to knives, daggers, arrowheads, and swords – must be made out of a soft, non-metal material that will not harm on contact. We have a No-Live-Steel policy to prevent accidents and injuries. This includes live-steel weapons held in scabbards and sheaths.
  • Maces, clubs, bats, and bludgeons of all types and shapes should also be made out of a soft, non-metal material that will not harm on contact.

Oversized Props

  • Oversized props should be limited to a size that preserves the flow of foot traffic and allows you to swiftly move through a standard commercial door. (appx. 80 inches in height by 30 inches in width)

Shopping at MTAC

  • Vendors within the MTAC Dealers Rooms may sell items that otherwise would not be allowed under these rules. If you make such a purchase, please take your item directly off of the convention floor to a safe location, such as your vehicle, hotel room, or making other delivery plans with the vendor. MTAC cannot assist you with storing your purchases.

Interacting with Others

  • Using props or items to cause harm, threaten harm, or acting in a threatening manner is not permitted. Horseplay or chasing others with props is not permitted.
  • Don’t allow others to hold onto any part of a costume or prop that connects to your neck or head, such as leashes and chains. 

Venue Staff & Rules Requirements

  • Should any member of the venue staff currently housing MTAC ask you to discontinue a particular action involving a prop or to remove it from the premises, do so immediately. Violations can result in having your room reservation revoked and/or being removed from the venue premises completely. In such a case, refunds will not be honored by the hotel or MTAC.

Local Laws

  • MTAC is held inside the city limits of Nashville, TN. If an item is illegal inside the limits of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County, it is illegal at MTAC.

Most important of all: Keep making and bringing all your amazing costuming props to MTAC! Thank you for helping us make MTAC a safe and fun event for your awesome cosplaying!