MTAC Ramen Eating Contest Official Rules

The MTAC Ramen Eating Contest is a multi-round elimination contest of gastro-intestinal fortitude.  Each round, the participants are each given a number of bowls of ramen.  The person with the most ramen left at the end of each round is eliminated.  Each bowl must be thoroughly consumed before moving onto the next bowl.  Each round will be timed for 3 minutes except the final round, which is limited to 1 minute.


  • There is no online registration or pre-registration for this event.  Contestants are chosen when the event begins.
  • If the previous year’s champion is in the audience, they are automatically given the opportunity to compete.  All other contestants are chosen at random from audience volunteers.
  • There is room for six competitors with one person eliminated during each round.
  • Anyone with dietary restrictions should be aware that the secret ingredients could be anything and are required to complete each round.

Ways To Get Eliminated

  • The person who has eaten the least amount of ramen at the end of a timed round is eliminated.  This is measured first by the number of bowls consumed, and any ties are then broken by MTAC staff who then judge based on partial bowls eaten.
  • If the other contestants finish all of their ramen before time runs out, the last contestant to finish is eliminated.
  • Any contestant who refuses to eat the secret ingredient of a round is eliminated from the competition.  For a bowl to be considered eaten, all of the secret ingredient in that bowl must be eaten in addition to the ramen.
  • Any contestant who vomits is immediately eliminated and any round that is in progress ends.  This is done for the health and safety of contestants.
  • Any form of cheating, poor sportsmanship, or other behavior that MTAC staff decides is unbecoming of a participant in the event is cause for immediate elimination.

The first round will be plain ramen.  The second round and every round after will contain a secret ingredient.  The secret ingredients are items that are fairly innocuous by themselves but are generally considered gross or odd when added to ramen.  Secret ingredients also generally fit the MTAC theme for the year.  The secret ingredient will be announced shortly before the start of each round.

The winner will be the last person left at the table who is not eliminated.  The winner will receive several prizes including free admission to the next year’s MTAC.