MTAC is operated by an entirely volunteer staff, and we want YOU to join us in making this convention happen.

Below are open positions within our staff that we’re looking to fill. If you think you’re the right fit for one of these roles, let us know. And if you’re not sure what you’d like to do, you can also join our team of on-site volunteers to help us out and learn what goes on behind the scenes.

Joining MTAC staff gets you:

  • Free attendance to the convention.
  • MTAC Staff tee shirt.
  • Access to MTAC Staff Lounge for meals and snacks.
  • Post-Con Sunday night dinner.
  • Discounted staff rooms and crash rooms.
  • And more!

If you have questions about any of these positions or staffing in general, you can reach us through our Contact page by choosing the “Volunteering” option.


Analog Room Staff

  • At-con: Oversee analog gaming rooms, facilitate checking in and out from analog gaming library, help attendees with game questions.

Digital Room Staff

  • At-con: Oversee digital gaming rooms, facilitate checking in and out from digital gaming library, help attendees with game questions.


Access Control: Dispatcher/Documenter

  • At-con: Recording of incident times and resolutions, as well as resolution notes for future issues. May be asked to develop an incident report form in coordination with the Director of Personnel and Access Control Senior Manager.
  • Seeking responsible individual who can maintain high attention to detail and confidentiality with sensitive information.

Load In/Load Out Coordinator

  • Pre-con: Assists in annual inventories the Staff Materials, details gaps or needs for convention to obtain for future use.
  • At-con: Works with LILO Manager to organize the stored inventory for delivery to the venue and assigned destinations, as well as picking up inventory to return to the storage unit after the event.
  • Majority of work will be done the Thursday leading into the convention, as well as Sunday as the convention winds down.

Staff Lounge Coordinator

  • At-con: Responsible for assisting the Staff Lounge Manager with preparation and service of meals for Staff. This may include but is not limited to: obtaining ice, food runs, restocking, room sitting, service of food.
  • Staff must be able to lift thirty (30) pounts regularly and will require extensive standing, walking, carrying, and being on feet.
  • Staff will work in split shifts during convention to assist in providing maximum hours of operation and will be unable to wander the convention while on shift.
  • Cosplay is not allowed while on shift.
  • Food Service experience is helpful but not required.


Logistics Manager

  • Responsible for coordinating programming logistics for all fan panels.
  • Pre-con: Maintains documentation and department inventory, coordinates with scheduling and other staff roles on needs for panels.
  • At con: Supports programming staff and panelists.
  • Responsible for the following roles:
    • Panelist Coordinator
    • Prog. Volunteer Coordinator
    • Cultural Liaison
    • Music Coordinator
    • Chibi Events Coordinator

Panelist Coordinator

  • Pre-con: Responsible for coordinating panelist communications before con.
  • At-con: Provides general programming support at con, checks in panelists onsite, maintains panel rooms, and observes panelists in following convention rules.

Ceremonies Coordinator

  • Pre-con: Plans, scripts, and coordinates MTAC Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • At-con: Runs ceremonies backstage, coordinating with production services and various on-stage individuals.

Ramen-Eating Coordinator

  • Plans and runs the MTAC Ramen eating contest.
  • Pre-con: Responsible for contest structure, ingredient selection, purchasing, and preparing ramen.
  • At-con: Manages contestant sign-up and running of the contest.

Chibi Coordinator

  • Plans all events related to Chibi (children’s) content to include: Chibi Panels, Easter Egg Hunt, Chibi Table
  • Pre-con: Handles inventory related to chibi table and events.
  • At-con: Runs the Chibi table and manages volunteers assigned to chibi table.

Venue & Exhibitions

Artist Alley Assistant

  • Pre-con: Review artist alley applicants, field AA-related questions.
  • At-con: Check in artists as they arrive on site, assist artists during the convention, various support to AA Manager.

MTAC Staff Application Form

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