MTAC is an awesome event, and it takes YOU to make it happen! Volunteering gives you a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite anime convention. It also lets you get in FREE!

To volunteer with MTAC, you must:

  1. Fill out our volunteer application.
  2. Attend ONE pre-con volunteer meeting.
  3. Work at least 12 hours at the event.

Volunteers work in a wide variety of areas:

  • Watching doors and checking props in Access Control
  • Answering questions and helping attendees in Customer Service
  • Getting attendees checked into the event in Registration
  • Setting up our technical equipment in Production Services
  • Photography and video work
  • Panelist assistance in Programming
  • Autograph line management in Talent Relations
  • Merchandise sales in Gift Shop
  • And plenty more!

Volunteers must be age 16 and up. If you are under 18 and volunteering, please print and have your parent/guardian sign this PDF waiver and bring it with you to the convention.

If you live far away or have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending a meeting, don’t give up hope. Contact Vol Ops, and we will work with you!

Priority placement deadline for preferred areas is February 28, so make sure you get in this form as soon as possible!

Volunteer Roles

Customer Experience

  • Customer Service: Answer questions, give directions, provide maps or programs. Handling some level of attendee conflict resolution.
  • Gift Shop: Cash handling and upsell of various merchandise
  • Media Relations: Monitor media suite and ensure media guidelines are followed.

Gaming & Charity

  • Analog and Digital Gaming: Explain how the games are played, maintain the game library, and provide a positive and relaxed environment.
  • Charity: Assist with the Charity booth with selling items, sort prizes for attendees, and other tasks to assist raising money for our selected charity.


  • Photography and Videography: Take Guest and Congoer photos during the convention. Record signature events. Assistance for errands and gear is possible.

Inventory Operations

  • Load-in/Load-out: Assistance with the beginning and end of convention of bringing materials in and out. This would require Thursday afternoon and Sunday afternoon availability.


  • Access Control: Line and traffic management, being advocates for safety
  • Office Services: Support of convention operations and support of Directors and General Staff, monitoring Office during closed door meetings.
  • Staff Lounge: Food running, water delivery, and supply runs when necessary.
  • Volunteer Operations: Assisting Volunteer Manager in ensuring all Volunteers are where they are needed and covering gaps where required.

Production Services

  • Panelist Assistance: Responding to calls for tech assistance and resolving those issues. May work with Radios.


  • General Programming: Assisting with panel participant information being collected and provided to needed staff. Helps with changes to the schedule by making attendees aware of changes.
  • Main and Panel Events: Assisting with ensuring all panels run smoothly and monitored for potential issues and resolution.
  • Video Room: Ensure the videos are running smoothly and with no technical issues, also checking for Sleep Watch.

Registration and Sales

  • General Registration: Assisting with the Walk-In and Pre-Registration attendees getting safely and orderly into the convention.

Talent Relations

  • Green Room: Light housekeeping of the area and keeping a polite and confidential manner for our guests.
  • Guest Handling: Helping with guest interactions and maintaining Guests needs are cared for and handled.
  • Guest Transportation: Assists in getting Guests from Point A to Point B at various levels of the convention.

Venue and Exhibitions

  • Dealer Room: Monitor dealer room entry and exit, checking badges for entry, ensuring proper levels of attendees in the room.

At the Con

  • Come to Volunteer Operations (Vol Ops) before working.
  • Sign your Volunteer Consent Form and pick up your volunteer badge.
  • We’ll confirm your assignment and point you to the staff you’ll be working with.
  • Remember where Vol Ops is! We’ll be in that office the whole con – day and night – for any volunteer needs. Feel free to come back and check in from time to time if you’re looking to help out in between shifts. (Be sure to fulfill your assigned hours first!)
  • Last but not least, enjoy the con! Your hard work and dedication makes MTAC what it is, and you deserve your admission badge. Get rest when you can, have fun when you’re not working, and let’s make this MTAC the best one yet!

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