Below is last year's version. The 2020 weapons & props policy is currently under revision.

If you plan to bring a prop or a weapon (or buy a prop or a weapon at) MTAC of any kind, whether it is real, toy, or replicated, make sure you understand these rules clearly. All weapons are subject to checking by the hotel or event staff at any time during the event. MTAC shall regulate the items herein within, but not limited to, all venue property, lots, and perimeter. If a weapon is determined to be unsafe or inappropriate for any reason we will ask you to store the weapon either in your vehicle or in your hotel room. MTAC will not be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.

Bladed Weapons & Replicas

MTAC encourages the creativity of all con-goers in costuming. You may carry a bladed weapon or replica in either a sheath or scabbard secured to your body at all times and never held in your hand. All such articles must be peace-tied. An Access Control representative will provide you with a peace tie if you do not have one.

Should you wish to display the weapon unsheathed, please do so in your hotel room or completely off hotel premises. While purchasing weapons from our dealers is encouraged, this policy still applies as soon as the transaction is complete. MTAC weapons dealers are exempt from this policy and may display their wares in a controlled area administered by the Dealer staff.

Swords, or any other blade replica that is not an actual weapon, may be carried as part of a costume only. At no time may any melee weapon or replica come in contact with another person regardless of their prior level of consent.

Firearms Replicas & Airsoft Devices

All firearm replicas must be cleared by Access Control. No firearm replica may be carried openly at MTAC that can fire, ever could fire, or be modified to fire, any form of projectile whatsoever regardless of firing mechanism removal, ammunition absence, or any other alteration to it’s original intended design as a projectile launcher, with the strict exception of Airsoft weapons.

Airsoft firearms must be cleared with Access Control, in accordance with posted regulations and instructions, and must comply with any directives issued by the staff. Under no circumstances may an Airsoft weapon be discharged, loaded or not, unless pursuant to a purchase transaction with an official MTAC vendor inside the designated area for such entities. This exception will not include any person-to-person sales. Access Control will have the sole discretion in all Airsoft matters not directly addressed herein.

Outside of these specifics, we encourage creativity in constructing replica guns for Cosplay purposes. This is a safe route to assuring that your firearm prop can and will be approved and trouble-free.

All firearm replicas and/or Airsoft weapons must have a “blaze orange” tipped barrel at all times (including during all cosplay events) in compliance with federal and state laws. Weapons not displaying the orange tip will be marked as such by Access Control. Small arms, or single handed firearm replicas may be used as costume accessories only if fully holstered at all times. Holstered weapons must be fully enclosed and attached to your body at all times.

Access Control will inspect all firearms for policy compliance and may ask that it be removed from public spaces at any time. Firearms that comply with this policy may, however, be brandished temporarily for photography in designated photo areas and must be re-secured promptly upon photo completion.

If you perceive a situation in which you do not feel you can comply with these regulations, or witness a violation thereof, you are encouraged to immediately alert the nearest Access Control representative.

Oversized Props

Oversize prop items are exempt from the holstering/sheathing policy but may be regulated in specific areas to preserve the flow of foot traffic or the safety of others.

Fetish Goods

MTAC reserves the right to request that articles designed with the intent to inflict pain, even for recreational purposes, be subject to the discretion of Access Control. Please stow and/or use these objects only in your room or car. This shall include, but not be limited to: paddles, whips, collars that choke, etc.

No Harassment

Simply put, do not do stupid things like chasing after people with weapons (of any kind) or make even casual threats or intimidation with a weapon. Do not make contact or imply the threat of contact with even the most willing of participants. Doing so only puts yourself at a liability. MTAC does not assume responsibility for injuries incurred due to violations of MTAC rules and regulations.

Venue Staff & Rules Requirements

Should any member of the staff belonging to the venue currently housing MTAC ask you to discontinue a particular action involving a weapon or to remove it from the premises, do so immediately. Violations can result in having your room reservation revoked and/or being removed from the hotel premises completely (refunds will not be honored by the hotel or MTAC in this case).

Zero Tolerance

MTAC reserves the right to confiscate any weapon, replica or Airsoft device that has been misused and to eject any individual who does not comply with the above policies at any time. We are not obligated to issue warnings concerning violations of these policies. Any infraction can/will result in the fullest penalty available. MTAC offers no refunds.